Name : Shri T Phanindra Kumar
Education : M.Sc. (Mathematics), M.Tech (Remote Sensing), Pursuing Ph.D in Remote Sensing
Experience : 15 years
Email : phanindrakumar.nird[at]
Phone : (+91) 040-24008447
Mobile : 9963966000 / 9032099360

Areas of Specialisation

Satellite Remote Sensing, Digital Image Processing, Global Navigation Technology , Spatial Modelling, Watershed Planning and Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Natural Resource Management, Infrastructure Planning , Spatial Planning for Urban and Rural Areas, AM/FM, Irrigation Planning, Agriculture Resource Planning, Geo-Hydrology Modelling, Teaching ,Training and Research in Geo-informatics.

Professional Affiliation

Publications/articles/cases/reviews (Numbers)

Publications/articles/cases/reviews - 30


Current research

  1. Geo-Hydrology Modelling for Watershed Planning, GIS Applications for PMGSY Roads Monitoring, Village Development Planning using GIS, Agro Climatic Planning and Information bank etc


Workshops / Conferences attended

National - 6

International - 4

Trainings Conducted

Number of Training programmes conducted - 30

Invited Talks / Presentations

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