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Case Studies Series

Theme : Agriculture & Marketing
  1. Technology Adoption in Sericulture – Case Studies in Women (1998).
  2. Environment and Sustainable Agriculture in Drought-Prone Areas (2006).
  3. Partnership Strategies for Marketing of Rural Products (2010).
  4. Role of Pragathibandu Groups in the Development of Small and Marginal Farmers in Karnataka (2011).
Theme : Community Mobilisation
  1. Working Together for Sustainable Rural Change: A Study of SEVAI (2002)
Theme : Panchayati Raj/Decentralised Planning
  1. Approach to Village Planning – A Case Study in Karnataka State (1998)
  2. Planning for Gram Panchayats: Kerala Model (2000)
  3. Role of Gram Panchayat in Managing Common Property Resources for the Benefit of Rural Poor: A Study in Karnataka and Haryana (2000)
  4. Gaon Ganarjya (Village Republic) Movement: A Case Study Tribal Areas of Rajasthan (2011)
Theme : Rural Crafts
  1. Durrie Craft – A Case Study in Agra (1998)
Theme : Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation
  1. Sri Sathya Sai Safe Drinking Water Project, Anantapur – A Case Study (2000)
  2. Management of Rural Sanitation Programme: Successful Case Studies (2000)
  3. Case Studies of Innovative Drinking Water Projects: Interventions of Muniwar Abad Charitable Trust and User Groups, Gujarat (2001)
Theme : Rural Education
  1. Role of DPEP in Girl Child Education: A Case Study in Geo-drug Block of Raichur District of Karnataka State (2002)
Theme : Rural Employment
  1. Poverty Alleviation through Self-Employment – A Case Study in East Nirmal District of Madhya Pradesh (2000)
  2. Self-Employment and Wage-Employment – A Case Study in Karnataka and Maharashtra (2000)
  3. Social Audit of MGNREGA (A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh) (2010)
  4. No More Forced Migration: A Case of Dudkel Village, Odisha (2011)
Theme : Watershed Development
  1. Awareness building Process in Watershed Projects: A Case Study (2002)
Theme : Women Empowerment
  1. New Initiatives in DWCRA – Case Study in Four States (2000)
  2. Impact of Institutional Credit on the Socio-Economic Conditions of Rural Women in Self-Help Groups: A Case Study in Bidar District of Karnataka (2001)
  3. Economic Empowerment of Women through Women Development Corporations: A Study of Maharashtra Women Development Corporation (2002)
  4. Self-Help groups – Role of BAIF (2002)

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