Training and research have a symbiotic relationship with one sustaining the other. NIRD engages in policy research and program based research, covering a wide diversity of subjects in human resource development and natural resource development with focus on improving the quality of life of the rural people.

NIRD offers expertise in formulating, conducting, monitoring and evaluating research aimed at gaining fresh insights into participatory development at the grassroots, exploring new dimensions to gender issues, identifying new avenues for rural employment, examining development perspectives to sustainable agriculture, environment and development communication, and improving the functional efficiency of community based organizations.

Research Project 2007 (Series-72) (Series-73) (Series-74)

Research Study on "Improvement in Rural Livelihoods through Dairy Farm"

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  Comprehensive Study of Impacts of Investment in Watershed Projects

  Research Projects 2009-10, 2010-11

 Research Projects, 2006-07

Provides a list of research projects undertaken by the Institute along with the names of the members of the project, team and study area covered.

Research Highlights, 2005-06
Research Highlights, 2004-05
Research Highlights, 2002-03
The Publication presents the titles of the research projects completed along with the details like the names of the members by the projects team, objectives, study area, methodology, findings and conclusions /recommendations of the research project.
  • Coverage of States/UTs in the Research Projects year 2006-07
  • To gain insights into field intervention methodologies through action processes, NIRD also undertakes action research for rural development in its social laboratory.
    The Themes of Research Encompass
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Support Systems
  • Institutions and Structures for Development
  • Human Development which includes :
    • Women Development
    • Social Development
    • Economic Development
  • The research areas within these themes are decided on the basis of a number of considerations as stated below:
    • Priorities of various Central ministries and state governments in implementing rural development programs.
    • Issues requiring systematic analysis for supplementing training inputs of the Institute.
    • Specific demands expressed by various developmental agencies concerning implementation of their own programs.
    • Issues of topical interest which concern rural communities.
    The studies selected on the basis of these considerations undergo a process of scrutiny by the Academic Committee, consisting of eminent academicians and policy makers, besides senior faculty members of the Institute, before being finally accepted as the research agenda of the Institute. This page is last modified on : 22nd Dec, 2009