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Research Report Series

Theme : Agriculture & Marketing
  1. Agrarian Distress, Coping Mechanisms & Ramifications of Debt Waiver Scheme (A Study in Telangana State).
  2. Viability of Service Area Approach to Small Farmers (2000)
  3. Role of Melas in Marketing of Rural Industries Products (2001)
  4. Strategies for Marketing of Rural Industries Products (2002)
  5. Muga/Eri Silk Production and Constraints : A Process Study in Assam and Mizoram (2003)
  6. Farmers’ Suicides in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka (2004)
  7. Risk, Vulnerability and Coping Mechanisms in Rain-fed Agriculture : A Study in Three States (2007)
  8. Agrarian Relations and Rural Poverty in Post-Reforms Period : A Study of Bihar and Orissa (2008)
  9. Marketing Strategies for Traditional Fishery Products (2011)
  10. Comparative Study of Institutional Arrangements and Farming Systems : Viable Options for Small and Marginal Farmers (2012)
  11. A Study on Marketing Infrastructure for Fruits and Vegetables in India (2013)
Theme : Capacity Building of CBOs
  1. Capacity Building of Community-Based Organisations : A Study (2003)
Theme : Disaster Management
  1. Flood Disaster Management: A Study (2005)
Theme : Human Resource Management
  1. Post-Literacy and Continuing Education: A Study in Yamunanagar District of Haryana (2003)
  2. Competency Mapping : For Rural Development Officials (2011)
  3. Stress Audit : For Rural Development Institutions At District and Block Level (2011)
  4. Behavioural Competencies Requirement for MGNREGS Administration (2012)
Theme : Micro Credit/Women Empowerment
  1. Capacity Building of SHGs to take up Micro-Enterprises under SGSY : A Quick Study in Jalna District, Maharashtra (2001)
  2. Micro Credit for Micro Enterprises (2001)
  3. Activities for Women under Cluster Approach and their Capacity-Building under SGSY - A Study in Five States (2002)
  4. Entrepreneurship Development among Rural Women (2002)
  5. Micro Credit Interventions in Promoting Micro Enterprises (2002)
  6. A Case Study of Savings and Investments of Rural Households in Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh (2003)
  7. Working of Women’s Thrift Cooperatives under MACS Act in A.P. - A Study (2004)
  8. Poverty, Gender and Reproductive Choice - An Analysis of Linkages (2005)
  9. Quick Study on Performance of SHGs and DWCRA Implemented by Government and Non-Government Organisations (2005)
  10. Pro-Poor Strategy for Micro-Credit Delivery System (2012)
  11. Impact of Federations in Economic Improvement of SHG Members : A Study Across Two States of India (2013)
  12. Role of Exclusive Credit Linkage Programme for Occupational Dynamics Among Fisherwomen – A Study in Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu States (2013)
Theme : Natural Resources Management
  1. Impact of Integrated Wasteland Development Programme (Phase-II) (IWDP) : A Study in Uttar Pradesh (2002)
  2. Participatory Management of Land Resources with Special Reference to JFM : Impact on Andhra Pradesh (2002)
  3. Community Interventions in Traditional Rain Water Harvesting-Drinking Water (2003)
  4. Partnership in Community-initiated Forest Management System : Conflicts and Prospects (2003)
  5. Community Based Resource Management - A Study of Forest Panchayats of Uttaranchal (2008)
  6. Approaches to Forest Management : A Comparative Study of JFM and Self - Initiated Forest Management (2011)
  7. Status of Land Allotted to Poor under Land Distribution Programmes - An Evaluation in Selected States (2011)
  8. Empowerment of Landless: An Analysis of Land Distribution and Land Purchase Programmes of Andhra Pradesh (2013)
  9. Land and Water Use Practices for Sustainable Smallholders’ Livelihoods : A Study in Four States (2013)
  10. Traditional Irrigation System in Bihar (2015)
Theme : Panchayati Raj/Decentralised Planning/Panchayats in Scheduled Areas
  1. Participatory Planning : A Study of the Planning Process in Kerala (2000)
  2. Role of PRls in Management of Rural Health Care and Family Welfare Services: An Exploratory Study (2000)
  3. The State-Sponsored Innovative Rural Development Programmes - The VDB of Nagaland (2000)
  4. Decentralisation of Power in Schedule V Areas : Interface Between Panchayati Raj Institutions and Line Departments (2001)
  5. Emerging Leadership among SCs/STs under New Panchayati Raj Act in Karnataka: A Study in Bellary District (2001)
  6. Functional and Financial Devolution on Panchayats (A Study in Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli) (2001)
  7. Impact of Committee System in Promoting Devolution of Panchayats : A Study in West Bengal (2001)
  8. Management of Panchayati Raj Finances in Andhra Pradesh : A Study in Medak District (2001)
  9. Nyaya Panchayats in India : A Study (2001)
  10. Participatory Micro Level Planning : A Study of the 11th JanmabhoomiProgramme of Andhra Pradesh (2001)
  11. People’s Perception of Panchayati Raj in Kerala (2001)
  12. Planning for Kohir Mandal (2001)
  13. The Role of Panchayati Raj in Natural Resource Management: A Study of Two Village Panchayats in Tamil Nadu (2001)
  14. Working of Tribal Panchayats in Bilaspur District, Madhya Pradesh (2001)
  15. Changing Pattern of District Administration with Particular Reference to the Role of the Collector in Panchayati Raj (2002)
  16. Gram Sabha : A Study in Two States (2002)
  17. Panchayati Raj Finances in Maharashtra : A Quick Study (2002)
  18. Emerging Leadership in the Tribal Areas (2003)
  19. Decentralised Planning and Management of Primary Health Care Services under Panchayati Raj Institutions (2004)
  20. Empowerment of Women in PRIs : A Study in Six Select States (2005)
  21. e-Connectivity of Panchayats (2013)
Theme : PDS and Food Security
  1. Management of Public Distribution in Two States - Gujarat and Karnataka (2000)
  2. Social Security to the Poor : Efficacy of PDS and WEPs in Karnataka (2000)
  3. Management of Public Distribution System in Two States (Kerala and Orissa) (2001)
  4. Functioning of PDS in North-Eastern States (2003)
  5. Functioning, Performance and Leakage in Public Distribution System : A Study in Three States (2003)
  6. Assessment of Targeted PDS in Rural India (2004)
  7. Micro-Level Experiments in Food Security - A Study across States (2008)
  8. Impact of Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) on the Food Security of the Poorest of the Poor in Rural Areas (2013)
Theme : Protection and Empowerment of Weaker Sections
  1. Demography of Crimes in Rural Areas : Causes and Remedies (2001)
  2. Social Mobilisation for Elimination of Child Labour : A Study of MVF (2002)
  3. Empowerment of Weaker Sections - The Barefoot College, SWRC, Tilonia (2003)
Theme : Rural Employment
  1. Role of Technology in Entrepreneurship Development and Emerging Gender Relations in Poor Women
  2. Impact Assessment of Wage Employment (JRY & EAS) Programmes in Selected Areas of Bihar (2001)
  3. Impact Assessment of Wage Employment (JRY and EAS) Programmes in Selected Areas of Uttar Pradesh (2001)
  4. Study on Wage Employment Programme in Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) and Surat (Gujarat) Districts (2001)
  5. Self-employment Projects-Group Approaches (2001)
  6. Employment, Earnings and Environment among Diamond Cutting Workers in Gujarat (2002)
  7. Employment and Levels of Living Among Cane and Bamboo Artisans in Tripura (2002)
  8. Management of Rural Development Programmes with Special Reference to JGSY: A Study (2002)
  9. Impact Assessment of JRY and EAS Programmes in Tripura (2003)
  10. Positive and Inhibiting Factors in Cluster Approaches and Group Functioning of Micro Enterprises under SGSY (2003)
  11. Marketing Channels for Select Products of SGSY: A Study in Four States (2004)
  12. Implementation of SGRY in Chhattisgarh (2005)
  13. Interventions of Livelihood Options for HIV and AIDS Affected People in the Rural Areas (2010)
  14. Crisis in Handloom Industry: A Study in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (2011)
  15. Gender and MGNREGS (2011)
  16. Factors Facilitating Participation of Women in Mahatma Gandhi NREGS (2013)
  17. Inclusion of Persons With Disabilities Under MGNREGS : A Study Across Three States (2013)
  18. Factors Affecting Participation of Tribals in MGNREGS: A Comparative Study (2015)
  19. Study of Marketing of SGSY Products in Pune District of Maharashtra: Case of Public Private Partnership (2015)
Theme : Rural Infrastructure
  1. Rural Infrastructure and Welfare of the Poor (2001)
  2. Rural Road Links : A Study of Sagar District in Madhya Pradesh (2002)
  3. Infrastructure for Rural Poor (2003)
  4. Institutional and Infrastructural Impediments in Rural Industrialisation in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu (2003)
  5. Rural Road Connectivity : A Process Study of PMGSY (2004)
  6. Gramsat: Utility and Effectiveness (2007)
  7. Implementation of IAY : Issues and Achievements : A Nation-wide Study (2008)
Theme : Rural Technology
  1. Community Polytechnics and Rural Development (2001)
Theme : Watershed Development
  1. Nutrition Security and Equity in its Access in Watershed Development Programmes.
  2. Planning for Sustainable Rural Environment through Watersheds and Water Harvesting Structures : A Process Study (2001)
  3. Direct Funding to Watershed Community : Process and Impact (2002)
  4. Organisational and Institutional Arrangements across the Watershed Programmes: A Study of Kerala Model (2002)
  5. Training Towards Capability-Building among Various Clientele Groups In Watershed (2003)
  6. Effectiveness of Watershed Development on Environment Conservation : A Case Study in Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh (2011)
  7. Stakeholders’ Participation and Equity Aspects of Watershed Development: A Study in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan (2011)
  8. A Study on Watershed and its Impact on Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Livelihoods: A Comparative Study in Six States ( 2015)
  9. Effectiveness of Watershed Management - A Study of Some Watershed Projects in Five States (2015)

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