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S.R. Sankaran Chair (Rural Labour)

Centre's Mandate :

S.R. Sankaran Chair (Rural Labour) has been instituted at the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR), Hyderabad by the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), in honour of legendary civil servant Shri S.R. Sankaran.


The objective of the chair is to promote research on issues that would enhance understanding and help in improving the world of work and the life of rural labour. Collaborative research, seminars, workshops and policy dialogues involving institutions, organisations, policy makers and other stakeholders with similar objectives, and placing the results in the larger public domain through working papers, articles in learned journals, books and policy briefs are part of the activities set out for the Chair.


The chair has been conducting research activities in collaborative mode on issues of rural poor, marginalised groups, women workers, labour mobility and housing condition for rural poor. It has been organising national and international seminars and public lectures by inviting eminent social scientists, focusing on burning issues of rural labour

The chair has been disseminating the ideas of S.R. Sankaran concerning the rural poor and the marginalised through publishing public lectures delivered by eminent scholars, proceedings of the conference/seminar, working papers and books. Some of research and other activities are given below:

Research Studies (Completed)

  • 'Comparative Study of Rural-Urban Migration in India and China – with Special Reference to Temporary Circular Rural-Urban Migration', in collaboration with the China Centre for Urban-Rural Studies (CCURDS), East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai in China, and Centre for Development Alternatives (CFDA), Ahmedabad, Institute for Development Alternatives (IDA), Chennai and Hyderabad Urban Lab, Hyderabad, undertaken by the SRSC.
  • ‘Migration of Rural Labour in Hill Regions: A Case of Uttarakhand’, in collaboration with V. V. Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow.
  • ‘Housing for Rural Poor in India with special reference to Kerala’, in partnership with Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies, Thiruvananthapuram .
  • ‘Migration from Western Odisha to Brick Kilns in Andhra Pradesh’, in collaboration with School of Economics, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.
  • Papers based on research work from these studies including studies by CCURDS were presented at the International Conference on Labour and Employment Issues in the Context of Emerging Rural-Urban Continuum: Dimensions, Processes and Policies held in March 2015, organised by SRS Chair

Research Studies (Ongoing)

  • 'Interlinking of Markets in Tribal Areas and Their Implications on Livelihoods of the Tribal Population,' with an objective to understand the dynamics of development in tribal areas and the role of institutions in two States of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand
  • 'Changing Contractual Arrangements of Rural Labour Market in India,' the key objective is to understand the factors including public action contributing for the changes in the nature of labour relations and its implications for labour households in rural India in three States -Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha
  • 'Changing Perspectives of Women Work and Decline in Labour Force Participation of Rural Females in India,' with an objective to understand the declining work participation among rural female labourers and the probable reasons behind the decline in three States of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Arunachal Pradesh
  • 'A Village Study in Telangana,' the key objective is to understand the changing Socio -Economic scenario of rural area in a village in Medak district of Telangana State.


  • National Seminar on ‘Labour Market and Issues of Adivasis in India’ was held during 22 -23 January, 2015 at NIRD&PR, Hyderabad. Inaugural address was given by Prof. C. H. Hanumantha Rao. Keynote address was delivered by Prof. Virginius Xaxa of TISS and valedictory address was given by Prof. Dev Nathan of IHD, New Delhi.
  • International Conference on ‘Labour and Employment Issues in the Context of Emerging Rural-Urban Continuum’ was held during 12 - 14 March, 2015. Eminent scholars from India and abroad participated. Scholars from China (East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai), Netherlands, Switzerland and UK presented papers. Inaugural address was rendered by Prof. S. R. Hashim. Keynote address was given by Prof. Jan Breman and valedictory address was delivered by Prof. Ashwani Saith.
  • National Seminar on ‘Dynamics of Rural Labour Market in India’ was held during 10 - 12 March, 2016 at NIRD&PR, Hyderabad. About 32 presentations by experts and young scholars from different parts of India, from various disciplines were held. Prof. C. H. Hanumantha Rao gave the inaugural address, while keynote and valedictory addresses were delivered by Prof. S. Mahendra Dev of IGIDR, Mumbai and Prof. Y.K. Alagh, respectively.

Invited Public Lectures

  • Prof. Amit Bhaduri, Emeritus Professor, CESP, JNU, New Delhi, on ‘Development by Dispossession’ on 16th April, 2015.
  • Prof. V. K. Ramachandran, Professor, Economic Analysis Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, on ‘Aspects of Proletarianisation in Rural India’, 16th October, 2015.


  • Working Papers
    • Changes in Wages and Earnings of Rural Labourers - A. V. Jose
    • Rural Non-farm Employment - Some Issues and Facts - Brajesh Jha
    • Revisiting the Theme of Women as Workers and Women’s Work: Gender and Location as Significant Markers of Work Status - Padmini Swaminathan
    • Rural Labour in India: Emerging Issues and Perspectives: Towards an Agenda for Research - T. S. Papola, Brajesh Jha, A. V. Jose, Padmini Swaminathan, Ajit Ghose, K. P. Kannan, Sucha Singh Gill, Ravi Srivatsava, Judith Heyer, Amita Shah, J. Jeyaranjan, and D. N. Reddy.
    • Rural Poor and Access to Land: Andhra Pradesh Experience of Administrative Initiatives in Augmenting Land Resources of Scheduled Castes - D.N. Reddy
    • Financial Inclusion of the Poor and Marginalised: Why State Supported Bank-Linked SHGs Emerge as a Clear Choice over MFIs? - D. N. Reddy
  • SRSC Public Lecture Series
    • Development by Dispossession - Amit Bhaduri
  • SRSC Conference/Seminar Address Series
    • Adivasis in India: Issues of Livelihood and Labour Market, Public Action and Market Solutions - C.H. Hanumantha Rao, Virginius Xaxa and Dev Nathan
    • Rural Labour in India: Processes and Policy Options - C.H. Hanumantha Rao, S. Mahendra Dev and Y. K. Alagh
  • SRSC Conference / Seminar Proceedings
    • Unorganised Workers’ Social Security Act 2008: Implementation Concerns – A Report
    • Labour and Employment Issues in the Context of Emerging Rural - Urban Continuum: Dimension, Processes and Policies
  • Books (edited)
    • 'Adivasis in India: Resources, Livelihoods and Institutions', Bloomsbury India, under publication

Publications :

Dynamics of Rural Labour Relations in India
Rural Labour in India : Processes and Policy Options
International Conference on "Labour and Employment Issues in the Context o Emerging Rural-Urban Continuum: Dimensions, Processes and Policies"
Adivasis in India: Issues of Livelihood and Labour Market, Public Action and Market Solutions. January, 2015
Development by Dispossession - Amit Bhaduri
Income and Income Inequality among Indian Rural Households.
Income and Income Inequality among Indian Rural Households.
Credit Labour Market Interlinkage in a Tribal Economy: A Case Study of Palamau.
Recent Developments In Gujarat Rural Labour Market: Critical Concerns.
Some Aspects of Dynamics in Rural Labour Market : Interface between Credit and Labour Markets.
Rural Employment Dynamics and Incidence of Poverty: Evidence based analysis from West Bengal.
Paper presented at the National seminar on Dynamics of Labour Relation in India, 10-12 March 2016 Rural Wage Labour in Western Tamil Nadu.
Labour Market Segmentation, Occupational Choice and Non-farm Rural Employment:Multinomial Logit Estimation in India.
Problems and Prospects of Livelihood Diversification Among the Mising and Sonowal Kachari Rural Tribes in Dibrugarh District of Assam.
Institutional Arrangement In Rural Urban Migration: A Case Study Of Migration To The Brick Kiln.
State of Rural Labour Markets in India.
Changing Perspectives of Women’s Work and Decline in Female Labour Force Participation Rate in Rural India:A Case of Odisha.
Dynamics of Rural Non-Farm Sector in Odisha:Issues & Dimensions.
Interlocked Markets in Rural Areas.
Down the Low-Road:Precarious Labour in a Stone Crushing Cluster, Odisha.
The labour market situation in South Asia: a slow and uncertain transformation.
Forms of Labour Contracts in Rural Areas: A Note from the Field.
Vanishing Work: Changing Employment Patterns in Rural India.
Changing Employment and Enterprise Structure in Gujarat: 1990-2005.
Rural Female Labour Force Participation in Andhra Pradesh: Insights from Field Survey.
Trends and Patterns of Male Out-Migration from Rural Uttar Pradesh.
Housing and Labour Relations in Rural Rajasthan: A Case Study of Long-Term Workers.
Inter-linkage of markets in Tribal Areas: An Exploratory Study of Causes and Consequences in Chhattisgarh.
Women's Work and Changing Workforce Participation in Rural Arunachal Pradesh:A View from the Field.
Features of Non-farm employment in Karnataka: Evidence from three villages.
Relative Significance of Female Labour Force across Rural India in the Aftermath of MGNREGS.
Changing the Pattern of Rural Labour Market : A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh.
Impact of 10 Years of MGNREGA : An Overview.
Impact of MGNREGA on Rural Agricultural Wages in SAT India.
How far has MGNREGP helped the Disadvantaged?
The Rural Labour Ratio:History, Mystery, Density and NREGS Policy.

Dr Kailash Sarap


Educational Qualifications : Ph.D , economics, (University of Delhi), Visiting Fellow University of Namur, Belgium, Common Wealth Fellow, University of Oxford.
Areas of Interest : Agrarian Relations, Rural Land and Labour Markets, Natural Resources and Access to credit.
Email : Kailashsarap.nird[at]
Phone : (+91) 040-24008516


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